Fairtrade fortnight 28th February - 13th March

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Aside from drafting in a Michelin-starred chef to cook them (nice idea, but sadly not an option for most of us), how do you make great ingredients taste even better? Buying products that carry the Fairtrade logo is one pretty good way, as it gives you the confidence of knowing that what you're eating and drinking has been produced sustainably, and that the farmers and workers behind it have received a fair and stable price for their products. Crucially, they also have received the Fairtrade premium, which they can use for investing in social and economic development projects for their community, such as medical and educational facilities. Put together, all these benefits have proven to be a very effective way of reducing poverty and improving livelihoods among the people who produce the products we love.

At Real food, all of this is particularly on our minds right now, as the annual Fairtrade Fortnight kicks off on 28 February. Most people are already used to seeing the Fairtrade logo on products like coffee, tea and bananas, but the organization goes far beyond just these staples and at Tesco you can also buy Fairtrade nuts, honey, spices, sugar and chocolate, lots more fruit beyond bananas, and even wine.

If all this has got you wondering how you can use the extra Fairtrade products you'd like to put in your shopping basket, we've got a couple of suggestions. Start your day with this crunchy, chunky homemade Granola, featuring Fairtrade honey , give yourself an afternoon treat with this Banana Bread (using Fairtrade bananas, of course), or these very grown up double ) Fairtrade Chocolate and Ginger Cookies or white chocolate traybake, and make your evening meal this this warming, French inspired Casserole (the secret ingredient is the Fairtrade oranges), paired up with a nice glass of Fairtrade red.

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