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roast sausages with squash HERO

If you’re feeling the pinch after the Easter holidays and the budget’s a bit tighter after buying all those eggs then quick, cheap and tasty food is in order.

Roast sausages with squash is an easy one-pan meal that the whole family will enjoy and that won’t break the budget. If you want to make it more substantial (or if you have teenage boys!) then serve it with some mashed potato.

With the leftover veggies from last night’s supper make an Oven roasted roots frittata for lunch. Take it to work with a salad or warm it up in the oven at home for a light snack.

If time is tight then Garlic and chilli prawns with pasta is a great quick fix. It’s packed full of flavour and uses up ingredients you might have left in the cupboard. Ideal!

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