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The long summer holidays are here along with the changeable weather.  Here are my top fuss-free tips for family meal planning when it constantly changes from rain to blazing sunshine in minutes.

When you don’t know what the weather will bring you want to make the most of the sunny days and be able to assemble a picnic or meal in a matter of minutes.

Stock-up on leak-poof plastic tubs and make friends with your fridge and freezer.

Hard-boiled eggs – keep for a week in the fridge – keep them covered as the shells become more porous and they are more likely to absorb smells!

Boiled New Potatoes – are delicious and adaptable.  Cook in batches and keep in the fridge. Slice and add dressing for salad or fry on rainy days.

Frittata – adaptable and portable. Try using pasta in your next version. 

Cooked rice – once frozen it is super speedy to either microwave or stir fry with an egg, peas and corn.

Par-baked bread – cooks from frozen in minutes and is delicious!

Tinned fish – a staple in my household. Whizz with cream cheese for a pasta sauce, dip or sandwich filling.

Quick barbecue (or rainy day griddle)

For a more flavoursome barbecue, freeze meat in the marinade.  Simply cut into quick cook (and defrosting) portions of strips or cubes, pop into a silicon muffin tray and cover with marinade. Once frozen, pack into plastic boxes. 

Breakfast banquets

With no morning rush for the school run you can make breakfast a feast and get children involved with the preparation.   My granola egg free muffins also mean no worries about kids eating the raw batter.

What are your tips for quick summer dishes? Share your thoughts below in our comment section.

Helen Best-Shaw is the owner of the food blog Fuss Free Flavours, which focuses on simple, cost-effective recipes.

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