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butterfly cakes

Mary Berry, the undisputed Queen of baking, once said there was nothing as comforting as baking a cake. We’d have to agree with her. Whether you remember long autumn afternoons getting flour everywhere as a child or if you’re introducing your own children to the delights of baking, there’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes from spending a bit of time making something delicious that everyone can enjoy.

We Brits love afternoon tea even if we don’t get many opportunities to enjoy it! Make time to have a tea break even if it’s just at your desk and munch on a delicious piece of Banana Bread or go all out and make a batch of Scones. Don’t forget the clotted cream and jam!

If you’re keen to get messy in the kitchen with your little ones then make something very pretty (it’ll counteract the devastation in the kitchen!) You can decorate our Butterfly Cakes anyway you like. Or if you need a chocolate fix then these Choc Chip Cookies by Green and Black’s are packed full of cocoa-ey goodness.

Of course baking doesn’t have to be limited to the sweet stuff. If you make a couple of loaves of Olive Bread you’ve got bread for sarnies or soup all week. Or you could serve it as a canapé for people to dunk it in some delicious olive oil.

For a lunch in its own right there’s nothing better than our Cheddar and Leek Bread. If you fancy something with it then a steaming bowl of soup or your favourite salad with accompany it perfectly.

What do you love to bake?

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