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While we all love cooking and baking over here at Real Food HQ, during the week our thoughts on dinner tend to be, “What delicious thing can I make quickly without too much faffing about?”

Between commuting, working and keeping up with our family and friends, the Monday-Friday routine doesn’t allow us to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen.

But on a lazy Sunday, we love nothing more than indulging in some quality cooking time. That’s when we turn off the telly, collect our favourite recipes and get reacquainted with all those lovely kitchen gadgets that we don’t get to use during the week.

Besides a classic Sunday Roast, we love making comfort food as a treat at the end of a long week to warm the soul and fill the belly. Right now we love this Lamb Stew, which offers delicious slow-cooked flavours with tasty seasonal meat.

And no Sunday would be complete without baking something scrumptious for afters.  For a treat that will please the whole family, try this recipe for Salted Caramel Shortbread, which may take a bit of time to put together but is guaranteed to have your mouth watering before it’s even out of the oven.  

Why not get a head start on next week's dinners by whipping up recipe that will last you and your family well into the week? Try making a good Bolognese Sauce (on this occasion you can ignore the pasta), which can be added to jacket potatoes, wraps, pizzas and pastas or made into chili for easy weeknight meals.

Do you have a favourite weekend recipe that takes a bit of time to prepare? Let us know in the comments box below.

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