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When most of us see a delicious looking photo on a food recipe, we don’t generally spend a lot of time thinking about what goes into the process of getting it made.

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to go on a recipe shoot to see – from start to finish – exactly how a recipe goes from inception to completion.

Before the shoot even starts, we work with a group of professional home economists that come up with the recipe titles and then create an ingredients list and method while preparing their dishes from scratch.

Once the recipe has been perfected, it’s on to shoot day! We send the recipes to a prop stylist to select dishes, table dressings, cutlery and other props for the shoot to help set the mood. Then the food stylist gets to work in the kitchen, preparing the recipes again. Once they’re done, they prep the food so it looks appetising – all the while an art director is in the background directing shots and organising the shoot.  

There are no fancy tricks or processes used on the food. I saw them take the beetroot soup straight from the hob to the table – steam and all – before it was shot! These days food photography is more about showcasing the natural elements of the food rather than using any fancy food trickery. 

Once the dish is styled, the photographer takes several pictures using a few different props, positions and shot styles. The images are sent straight to a laptop so you can see what the pictures look like right away. It takes a long time to get the shot just right and most teams can shoot about six recipes a day.

The Chocolate Guinness Cake looked fab and tasted great. Check out the finished product here!

To see more great shots from the day, check our behind-the-scenes board on our Pinterest page.

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