Goodbye January blues, hello healthy food

Fat Free Fruit Loaf (h)

Does January really have to be a month of denial when it comes to eating?

December oozes delicious food and drink – six packs of mince pies, piles of chocs and evenings with party nibbles and heady cocktails. As soon as the calendar flips over to the first of January, we turn our eating habits to the opposite extreme. We cut down on all the sugary treats and go from roast turkey to ‘cold turkey’. The result? A flat, self-induced dose of January-itis.

Food needs to be fun whatever the month. So this year I’m looking for guilt-free fodder with a healthy twist to fill the void left by the beloved mince pies and turkey roasts.

A ‘denial dinner’ can leave you with a huge hunger gap. You can still feel virtuous in January and eat interesting and exotic meals. Fill the first month of 2013 with healthy Real Food recipes and feel inspired with curries, stir-fries, stroganoffs and stews packed with wholesome ingredients.

You can also satisfy a sweet tooth with healthier options. This mouthwatering chocolate cake recipe zaps out saturated fat with olive oil instead of butter. And afternoon tea can still be a treat with this fat-free fruit loaf.

Cutting back on booze this month after Christmas binges? Try some non-alcoholic options with these delicious drink recipes.

Who said January has to be dull?

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