Happy Easter

Vanilla macaroons HERO

Earlier this week we smelt something delicious emanating from the kitchens at Real Food HQ and after much sleuthing realized it was the aroma of fresh Hot Cross Buns. Surely nothing signifies Easter is on its way quite like these hot, buttered cakes?

If you’re having the family over on Easter Sunday you’ll want a show stopping main course. Roast Lamb with Fennel is a modern twist on a traditional classic and is perfect served with simple grilled asparagus and crushed new potatoes. Don’t forget any vegetarian guests, serve up a Moroccan Vegetable Nut Roast and they can have the same sides as everyone else!

Opt for a decadent pudding. Our Triple Chocolate Tart is sure to have everyone’s mouths watering and is just as delicious served up the next day for tea – that’s assuming there’s any left!

As a tea ‘plan b’, if all that tart does go on first helpings, whip up a batch of Vanilla Macaroons that your guests can enjoy with coffee after the main event or quietly the next day with a good book and a mug of tea.

Have a very happy Easter from us all!

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