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Every mum knows it can be a challenge to feed kids healthy but delicious food. Cries of ‘can we have chips/chocolate/burgers’ (delete as applicable) can be hard to ignore but there are ways to feed them healthily (keeping you happy) and tastily (keeping them happy). Plus you can smugly watch them gobbling up their food knowing they’re getting a healthy dose of vitamins.

Fortunately for your little ones burgers are not off the menu. Our home-made burgers specially designed for kids are made with lean mince and topped off with lots of lovely veggies. They won’t even notice they’re eating healthily, just don’t blame us for the sticky fingers!

Carry on the picnic style theme and let them help themselves to Mini Pitta’s. They’re filled with cheese, apple and carrots to ensure your littleuns are getting their 5 a day.

If you’re children are spice junkies then whip up a Vegetable Curry (don’t worry it’s not too spicy, just has a nice little kick) and serve it in the traditional way with naan bread and rice. If you all eat together they’ll feel ever so grown up to be eating a Ruby Murray with the adults they’ll forget that it’s full of veggies.

Finally, there’s no need to deny them dessert. Arrange some Fruit Kebabs on a funky platter and serve them up with a yoghurt dip for a fun dessert that is definitely good for them.

Goodness gracious that all sounds good!

Ps. Have a peek at our Goodness range designed to help your kids get the nutrients they need.

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