How do you eat your Easter chocolate bunny?

Easter bunny whole (H)

Everywhere you look, cute little chocolate bunnies are hopping onto shop shelves in time for Easter. How do you eat yours though? And what does that say about you?

Starting with the eyes:

Easter bunny eyes

You're considerate. If you're going to eat this sweet chocolate bunny’s body, the least you can do is eat its eyes first so that it doesn't see what's going on. No chocolate bunny deserves that.

Starting with the ears:

Easter bunny ear

You're pragmatic. It just makes sense to start with the two narrowest (and easiest to bite) chocolate peaks at the top, right?

Starting with the body:

Easter bunny stomach

You're a rebel. A renegade. You don't live by the rules, the rules live by you, and if you want to bite straight into that bunny's chocolate middle and watch the rest crumble you'll do it, gosh darn it!

Cracking it:

Easter bunny smashed

You’re a sharer. And there’s only one way to share this chocolate bunny out fairly, which means turning it into lots of little chocolate pieces. 

Starting with… Nothing:

Easter bunny whole (H)

You’re not really a chocolate fan. And besides, it’s far too cute to eat! You’ll leave it in the box as decoration (until your significant other manages to sneak it away.)

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