How to cook with beetroot

Beetroot, orange and chilli chutney HERO

Beetroot , or "beet" if you hail from the other side of the Atlantic was developed in its current form (round and purple, not long straight like a carrot) in the 16th century. It's been hailed as everything from a superfood to an aphrodisiac but by far its most common use is in everyday cooking.

A hardy vegetable that is in season throughout the winter in the UK, the traditional means of preserving is pickling it in vinegar, but there are plenty of other options too.

One option is chutney, such as our Beetroot, Orange and Chilli Chutney. It can be kept for up to six months so it's a perfect failsafe for dinner party cheeseboards or an afternoon snack. In Eastern European cuisine beetroot is typically used in a soup called borscht, with beetroot as the main ingredient. Our Red Cabbage and Beetroot Borscht is an updated twist on the classic.

Risotto is always thought of as a comforting winter warmer and our spectacular looking Roasted Beetroot Risotto is the perfect dish to warm your cockles. November is also the time of year for delicious winter salads and our seasonal Beetroot and Satsuma Salad with Caper Berry Dressing is a perfect accompaniment to a main course or simply eaten by itself.

One of the more unusual uses for beetroot is in baking. It makes for a wonderful, earthy compliment to sweet flavours. Try our Beetroot and Chocolate Cake - not only does it taste sublime but it's packed full of anti-oxidants from the chocolate and the beetroot. Delicious.

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