How to... cook with cherries

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The humble cherry. A fruit we all associate with long, summer days and lazy picnics and, although they're delicious eaten straight from a brown paper bag, there's a lot more you can do with them. Charles V of France loved cherries so much, he planted more than 1000 trees in his garden so if you love them too, you're in good company.

Summer calls for ice cream and what's more British than a knickerbocker glory? Pile it high with cherries and delicious vanilla ice cream for a cool, retro dessert...

The old adage that ‘French women don't get fat' may well be true and if it is what better excuse to whip up a fabulous Cherry Clafoutis as a dinner party dessert? We can't promise Parisian glamour but it sure does taste good.

Get away from the idea that cherries can only be used in sweet recipes and knock up up a Picota Cherry and Duck salad that has the perfect balance of savoury and sweet flavours. You could also make some delicious cherry chutney that will keep and will have everyone very impressed that you made your own. They don't need to know it was a synch!

And if after all that ‘de-pipping' you're left with lots of stones you could always heat them up: historically hot cherry stones were used in bed pans to warm beds. On second thoughts, perhaps just pop them in the bin...

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