In season: Celery

Crab celery and apple salad with vinaigrette HERO

We’re coming to the end of January (good riddance!) and are very excited here at Real Food HQ at all the delicious possibilities February will bring! Cod, leeks and parsnips are all in season during the Valentine’s month but we’ve chosen to pay special attention to the unsung hero that is celery.

It’s a humble vegetable that often finds its way into stocks, soups and all manner of bases for standard weeknight dishes but it’s also fantastic eaten in its own right.  As the nights don’t seem to be getting all that much shorter, warming work-day suppers are still number one on our comfort list. Try our Leek, Celery and Gruyere Gratin for a great dish by itself with a green salad or as a side to beef or chicken.

Celery can also be used in stand out dinner party dishes. Crab, Celery and Apple Salad is a beautiful starter that combines some wonderful in season ingredients. Serve it up with some hunks of bread to mop up the delicious vinaigrette.

If you’ve got little ones you’ll know how hard it can be to make them eat their veggies. Puree Carrot, Celery and Green Apples for a tasty meal they won’t shy away from eating.

Do you have any great celery recipes? Let us know in the comments box below.

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