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Welcome to, the exciting new food website from Tesco set to change the way you feel about food. We are launching a fabulous new quarterly magazine named Real Food too (the first issue's in store on 22 March), but for those who can't wait for some culinary inspiration, look no further.

Each week, we'll be bringing you delicious, easy-to-achieve recipes and regular updates on seasonal ingredients arriving in store: right now you can make the most of wonderful British rhubarb, fantastic in family favourites such as crumbles - plus it's freezable. Also look out for smart buys to make clever cooking shortcuts even easier, plus tips and tricks that will help relatively confident home cooks feel more clued-up and have beginners tearing off their ‘L' plates in no time.

This site has been put together with you in mind. Save this web address to your favourites, and you'll have a useful tool to help prevent that rising sense of dread when you're out of ideas for the kids' tea, need a maximum-results recipe to impress friends coming round for dinner, or are wondering how to make the sorry-looking contents of a midweek fridge into a family friendly meal in 20 minutes flat.

I'll be posting here each week about my thoughts on food and cooking, and really want to hear from you too - what you love about the site, what doesn't quite hit the spot, what you want more of, or simply love to eat at the moment. Whatever it is, tell me all about it, and the other readers out there: simply post a comment below.

Above all, this website is about making cooking and eating great food as relaxed, easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you enjoy it!

Love from Jenny and the Real Food team

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