Long live the long weekend!

Asian fish skewers HERO

Is there anything better than hearing the words ‘three day weekend’? We Brits love our Bank Holidays and try and pack as much into that extra day as possible.

To avoid having to dash from one lunch with friends to coffee with another group, why not have everyone over for a big get together to celebrate the extra day?

Make it as easy as possible on yourself and whip up some batches of canapés that people can munch on. Asian Fish Skewers look really impressive and aren’t too hard to put together. Offset the work on the skewers with an Antipasti Platter that you can showcase lots of delicious ingredients on.

Mix together jugs of Bay Breeze cocktails and place them on a table so people can help themselves. You could set out lots of different shaped glasses so people can personalise their drink!

If you’re nervous about cooking for large groups watch our simple and easy to follow video on how to cook for 10 people and check out our bank holiday meal plan for some great inspiration.

Now we’ve just got to hope for good weather!

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