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To celebrate the Love British Food campaign, we’ve interviewed a couple of Tesco producers to find out everything there is to know about preparing and taking care of your seasonal produce. 

This week, we talked to Tesco tomato, pepper and cucumber supplier Matthew Simon, who shared his tips for looking after these delicious seasonal ingredients.  

Why is buying British so important?

Production of food in the UK is very important: it helps sustain businesses, it supplies jobs and most importantly, it provides locally grown produce, which gives customers the most flavoursome and freshest product available.  

How should we look after our tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers when we get them home?

Tomatoes are always eaten best at room temperature. A popular misconception is to put tomatoes in the fridge. If you store them in the fridge and eat them directly from the fridge, you won’t get the best flavour out of your tomato.

However, cucumber and peppers store best in the fridge – a cool environment is best for longevity and shelf life and both eat perfectly well after being kept in the fridge.

What’s the best way to prepare tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers?

With tomatoes, you can eat them whole or enjoy them in salads. Certain tomatoes are great for cooking with, like plum; others are good for slicing and stacking, like heirloom.

Cucumbers are best sliced and eaten fresh in a salad, while peppers are great grilled or eaten raw. I love eating the Italian sweet pointed pepper drizzled with olive oil.

Any other tips for taking care of our produce?

Watch out with the shopping bags! Fresh produce bruises so easily so make sure you pack your bags properly.

How do you like to prepare your tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers? Share your ideas below in our comments section.

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