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The origins of Valentine's Day date back to 269AD when it was a festival to commemorate the day St. Valentine was buried. Nowadays, Valentine's Day is traditionally a day to celebrate love through giving and receiving gifts. An estimated £1.3 billion is spent in the UK every year on cards, chocolates, flowers and other gifts and around 25 million cards will be sent this February 14th. If you fancy a more personal gift, nothing beats making a fantastic Valentine's Day dinner for your special someone.

A celebratory drink will definitely be in order so toast the evening with a Royale Fizz or fix up a delicious Pomegranate Cooler.

Kick off your Valentine's feast with a silky Roast Sweet Potato, Parsnip and Bacon Soup that looks vibrant and tastes fantastic. Or try our Spicy Prawn Cocktail for something with a bit more kick.

Chicken with Pancetta and Mascarpone is an elegant main course that definitely has the wow factor. Serve it with an Avocado Crunch salad to complement the richness of the mascarpone. Or try our Vegetable Risotto with Roasted Tomatoes as another fantastic option for your main course. Alternatively, our Easy Thai Red Chicken Curry will add a bit of spice to your evening and as it's so easy gives you more time to spend with your loved one!

Finish off with a meltingly, delicious Chocolate Souffles with Orange or our fabulous Raspberry Cheesecakes.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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