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Lunch boxes have come back into vogue recently. Whether that’s down to all of us tightening our belts, wanting to get into the kitchen more or the fact we’re getting more creative, making rather than buying your lunch is in. So, whether you’re armed with your very own retro tin lunchbox or a trusty Tesco carrier bag we’ve got the perfect treats to fill it.

Sandwiches are traditionally the staple of lunchboxes all over the country so we couldn’t forget to mention them. However, we prefer a twist on the traditional sandwich like this delicious Chicken Tikka Wrap. You can easily make it all the night before and assemble in the morning for something more exciting than a cheese sarnie!

If you fancy something that you can pop on a plate and eat as if you were in a restaurant then a Salmon Pasta Salad or a slice of Spinach Quiche will make you the envy of all your colleagues. Both are easy to put together and fairly cost effective too. Serve the quiche with some salad leaves for a very bistro style lunch!

We’re big fans of batch cooking here at Real Food HQ and soup is perfect made in big batches. Knock up some Parsnip Soup at the weekend and you can have it for lunch all week. Scatter from root veg crisps on top for a fantastic autumnal soup.

Don’t forget to pack some fruit and a couple of other snacks to top it all off. You could make an Apple and Apricot Smoothie to have as dessert or if you can’t wait have it for breakfast!

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