Make February a hot month


After a couple of months of cold weather, I'm starting to getting tired of cooking the same old winter warmers. I find that I’m recycling the same soups and casseroles, so now it’s time to invest in a few basic spices and turn my attentions to some curry comfort food.

Versatile Indian cuisine is always a pleasure to prepare in winter months. Dishes are packed with high-impact flavours like chilli, ginger and garlic; vibrant colours like the orange-yellow of turmeric; and wholesome veggies like chickpeas and spinach. You can also cook up a little extra to reheat for an energising lunch the next day. Curries taste great as leftovers, once the spices have had a chance to infuse.

An aloo chana masala using potato chickpeas is a great warm-up in a curry cook-athon. It uses garam masala – a blend of Indian spices that I call the ‘four Cs’ - cumin, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon.

Up the spice levels with this butternut squash and chicken rogan josh served with a pile of fluffy basmati rice.

Diversify from your standard madras or korma and try fusion-style curries, where other international influences appear. Try curried chicken kebabs with dollops of natural yoghurt.

Real Food has plenty more Indian recipes, so it's time to get creative with your curries!

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