New Years Eve menu

FrostedPear HERO

All the Christmas hoopla may have subsided, but come New Year’s Eve it’s time to make like the Scots and plan for some serious Hogmanay partying. So for that one last hurrah before reality bites, our ‘out with the old, in with the new’ feast includes some show-stopping recipes that are fun to prepare, delicious to eat and easy on the eye.

 raspberrybellini hero

Raise a glass to the year that was and toast the new one coming with a ruby-red, fruity refreshing raspberry Bellini. It’s easy to make up a jug of the raspberry purée ahead of the party, have your Champagne flutes half filled with it before guest arrive and top up with the fizz of your choice (traditionally it’s prosecco but no-one will mind cava) to serve with savoury canapés. If fizz isn’t your thing, our cocktail tool will help you marry up spirits, mixers, fruits and flavours.

Cranberry camembert puffs 

With effortless style, you can colour code your canapés to suit the Bellinis, as these dainty little cranberry Camembert puffs have a red topping. They are easy to make and a really delicious marriage of creamy cheese and sharp cranberry flavours. 

Party fairy cakes(h)

It’s hard to resist sweet treats at this time of year, especially if they look like these gorgeous fairy cakes. As it’s still the school holidays, you can turn the kitchen into an icing art workshop with the children when preparing these little beauties. Let them loose with the edible glitter for one last time before all sparkly toys are put away for Christmas 2014. 

21SlowBraisePorkCider HE

To the main event, and a roast that ticks all the boxes for committed carnivores: it’s golden, richly flavoured, a meal in one and the leftovers are brilliant in sandwiches, noodle soups and rigatoni bakes - this mouthwatering pork joint served with homemade apple sauce and crisp green beans and roast potatoes.

PoiresBelleHelene Almonds(h)

In the days after Christmas, rich desserts tend to lose their appeal, but we’re still in the mood to treat ourselves to a really special pudding. Something as elegant as poires belle Hélène - a traditional French confection of sweet poached pears with glorious melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream is perfect.

Happy New Year from Real Food! 

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