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January is here and like many of you, I’ve made a list of food resolutions, from eating more greens to avoiding sugary and creamy condiments all together. But let’s face it - with the weather being grey and miserable, and most of us feeling the pinch after Christmas, it’s sometimes a challenge to stay on track.

This is where #OneLittleChange comes in to help us achieve your food and lifestyle goals, whether it’s trying one of our new healthy recipes, reading helpful articles and interesting food tips, or viewing our fun stop motion videos.

These may include simple, delicious food swap ideas, like replacing fries for sweet potato wedges with some dried herbs and scattering of paprika or drinking a refreshing glass of sparkling water with fresh mint and a squeeze of lime instead of cola. One food swap I’ll be embracing is making more nutritious, wholesome snacks to nibble at my desk when I start to feel my sugar levels dipping and become more “hangry”.

It may also involve making money-saving decisions, such as vowing to cook three to four homemade meals a week or introducing batch cooking – brilliant for meal planning and taking full advantage of the freezer.

We hope #OneLittleChange will inspire you to take one or a few little steps in reaching your food goals. Just remember that it takes a month before the changes come into effect, so try to stay at it for at least this long…and most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself.

Good luck – we’re right behind you!

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We’d love to hear what your #OneLittleChange will be and how you’re getting along, so tweet us @TescoFood.


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