Party season has arrived!

Smoked Salmon Blinis HERO

Party season has begun and people all over the country are dusting off their finery, grabbing a glass of something fizzy and toasting the festive season. If you’re the one hosting over the next few weeks we’re here to help and have everything you could possibly need to make your party go with, well... a bang!

Make your party special with an array of delicious cocktails. Prop some Christmassy labels alongside the trays of drinks to help add to the festive atmosphere. Classic cocktails are ideal at Christmas and mean you can cater for a variety of tastes: Tom Collins, French Martini’s, Gin Fizz and Chambord Royale’s are top of our list! Don’t forget to get a couple of cases of delicious wine in, in case your guests would prefer to sup on vino.

A cocktail party isn’t really a party without some canapes but there’s no need to spend all day slaving over a stove in your mission to be the hostess with the mostess. Take the sting out of the evening by preparing some simple but tasty morsels that will have everyone clamouring for more!

Smoked Salmon Blini’s are an essential canapé at any party and are so easy to prep in advance. Also make some Breasola Forks for a very pretty plate and don’t forget the veggies with Cannellini Bean Bruschetta and Gorgonzola Crostini’s.

Make a batch of Honeycomb Truffles the day before and serve them to finish off the night.

Now all you need to do is grab your favourite cocktail and enjoy the party!

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