Perfect Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

Bran Flake Breakfast Pancakes(h)

Pancake Day invites the opportunity for some serious frying pan ‘flipping’ action. You’ll need to stock the store cupboard with batter basics – flour, milk and eggs.  Traditionally associated with using up rich ingredients before the onset of Lent, Shrove Tuesday is a brilliant excuse to get creative in the kitchen.

With a classic batter base the humble pancake can be easily adapted to your own unique and delicious pancake recipe. There’s so many options to suit both sweet and savoury palates, although you can’t beat classic sugar and lemon juice!

Why not set the kids up for their day at school on Tuesday with these wholesome bran flake breakfast pancakes (pictured). Or for a pancake-perfect lunch, try creamy mushroom and ham pancakes using ready-made Tesco large pancakes, packed with strong flavours like garlic and Gruyère cheese.

There’s more inspiration for those tasty fillings with our full collection of Pancake Day recipes.


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