Preparing for Passover

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As the Jewish festival Purim ends, so the planning to prepare for Pesach commences. There are just two weeks to get the house 'chometz free'. We seek to get rid of all the leavened bread and related items from all over our house.

This year the first night of Passover is 18th April, which rather helpfully lands on a Monday, leaving plenty of cooking and shopping time to prepare the meal.

With all of the cleaning, shopping, cooking (and more cooking) to get through, try some of the following Pesach tips to help you keep on top of things?

1) Make a week by week schedule - plan room by room, leaving the kitchen until last. Plan to clean out the freezer about two weeks before Pesach to make room for early shopping.

2 Write notes on the Pesach menus and recipes that you have used in previous years to help you remember what worked well and what was not enjoyed so much.

3)Choose a Seder menu that is:
a) Easy to serve
b) Will not dry out if the Seder service goes on longer than anticipated (it always does

4)Choose recipes that are created 'KFP' - Kosher for Pesach as these will work better. Trying to substitute regular ingredients for Pesach ones does not necessarily give the best results.

5)Start shopping early - you will get the best variety, avoid the rush and keep an eye out for special offers. There are normally lots on offer in Tesco.

6)Buy smart - do not over buy, you can always top up during the week, and check the use by dates in case you over buy. Get an extra dozen of eggs they are always needed!

Denise Phillips is a professional chef specialising in modern Jewish cooking. For more details on Denise, cooking classes and her £10 discount voucher for Tesco customers visit Denise's Jewish cooking school website.

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