Remember, remember, the 5th of November


For me, Bonfire Night will always evoke memories of standing in my parents’ backyard, wrapped up from head to toe and holding a sparkler, which I thought was simultaneously the most exciting and most terrifying thing I’d ever seen. My dad would set up the fireworks, and often it was so cold that we would watch them from indoors, standing at the kitchen window with the lights off.

Though it doesn’t receive as much fanfare as Christmas, New Year or a birthday, Bonfire Night is surely one of the most atmospheric and memorable events of the year – crisp, dark and full of excitement. And it’s not just about the fireworks. As with all occasions for friends and family, food is an essential way of bringing everyone together and making it a night to remember.

If you’ll be watching fireworks in the garden, make sure everyone’s toasty-warm by giving them a hot snack to take outside – a big mug of chilli bean soup should do the trick.

Get the kids involved with baking some firework-inspired Catherine wheel cookies – if you’re attending a public display, a couple of these wrapped up and popped in coat pockets will go down well.

And once you’re back home, warm everyone up with a plate of something hearty  and delicious – I’d recommend a blue cheese, leek and walnut risotto.

Have a fantastic time this Bonfire Night, and let us know in the comments below what you’re planning to cook.

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