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Eagle-eyed visitors to this site will have noticed the addition to the ‘new recipes’ section of a sausage roll recipe, courtesy of actress, now food writer, Fay Ripley. ‘Hmm, so Fay’s fond of a buffet,’ might be your response. And you’re probably right. Why wouldn’t she be? The buffet’s as iconic a communal British eating experience as the rain-lashed picnic and the badly orchestrated barbecue. But these sausage rolls aren’t destined for a groaning sideboard at a house warming or a ‘savouries station’ in a wedding reception marquee. Because Fay has liberated them from their wobbly trestle-table straitjacket, their lop-sided paper-plate prison, and brought them triumphantly home to the family dinner table.

As Fay’s discovered with her own brood (daughter Parker, seven, and her three-year-old little boy, Sonny), sausage rolls make for incredibly child-friendly food. Fun to eat, in the way that only food you can pick up with your fingers can be, they’re also the perfect package of energy-giving carbs and a serious hit of protein (Fay favours organic sausage meat for hers). Fay goes all out on the finger-food approach and serves them with vegetable crudités (a really easy way to tick several five-a-day boxes) plus ketchup for dipping. But there’s nothing to stop you making your choice of dip fractionally more grown-up (piccalilli, perhaps) or more of a nutritional powerhouse (try a fresh tomato salsa). And if you want to freestyle a little on the type of sausage you use, go right ahead – slipped out of their casings, pork and apple, Lincolnshire and chorizo all make great alternatives to standard-issue sausages.

Serving this up for an after-school supper also gives you the chance to delegate the hard labour and get your kids making the rolls themselves. It’s the kind of entry-level cooking project that even very young children can master with just a little help – and on a similar rung to making fairy cakes on the cooking milestone ladder.

Don’t hold out for a forthcoming blog on why Fay’s serving her kids cheese and pineapple sticks and mushroom vol-au-vents for their dinner; it’s not going to happen. But in the case of the sausage roll, Fay’s won us over and convinced us that this is one buffet-table staple to which it’s worth giving an occasional supper-time spin.

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