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There are certain things you learn to appreciate with age: early nights; pubs that are quiet enough for you to hold a conversation; and the benefits of choosing cheese rather than dessert. I never thought anything would come between me and a slice of chocolate fudge cake, but these days a nice piece of manchego or stilton might just do it.

As we all know, cheese also makes a fantastic and comforting ingredient in winter dishes. For health reasons it’s best in moderation, but you don’t need much to add delicious flavour and irresistible texture.

If you’re looking for a hearty dinner on a cold weekday evening, try whipping up a ham and leek macaroni cheese. It’s the ultimate easy comfort food (and in my humble opinion, best served with a dollop of brown sauce on the side).

For a light(ish) lunch with friends, I’d make this roast beetroot and goat’s cheese salad - the freshness of the beetroot, orange segments and avocado is a fantastic contrast to the tangy, rich goat’s cheese.

And if you enjoy a salty cheese like feta, pair it with this season’s delicious butternut squash in a Moroccan couscous salad. Prepare it at the weekend and pack it up in Tupperware for lunch on Monday.

What are your favourite cheese recipes? Tell us in the comments below.

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