School calling

Blueberry Bran MuffinsHERO

Having the kids home over the Easter holidays is lovely. Putting on an Easter egg hunt for them, having the family round for lunch and all spending some quality time together is great but a bit of a breather when its time for them to go back to school can be most welcome (if only to give us an hour or two to clean the sticky paw prints from the chocolate draw or finally get around to moving the pile of toys in the middle of the sitting room)!

When they do go back make sure they have a delicious and nutritious lunch. If youre looking for an alternative to sandwiches these Rolled Omelettes are perfect. You can fill them with ham, veggies or whatever your little ones like! Dont forget a little treat like Blueberry Muffins for elevenses and lots of water.

Make a couple of mid week meals in advance, like Fish Pie with Sweetcorn, and store them in the freezer so when the children get home from school full of stories about their day you can simply defrost supper and spend some time with them.

But for now, just have a cup of tea and put your feet up for ten minutes!

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