Snack attack

Spiced nuts HERO

It can be a bit daunting thinking about how much money we all spend on ready-made snacks at work, doing the school run or just in a moment of hunger. If you spend £3.00 a day for a year your rack up an astonishing £1,095 on snack foods and that’s a lot of money that you could put towards something else: a day out with the kids perhaps, a new laptop or err a few new pair sof shoes (!)

Kick your ready-made snack habit and start making your own. Not only are they cheaper they’re also better for you as you know exactly what’s in them. Win, win!

Homemade Cereal Bars are perfect for early mornings or for handing out to the kids when you’ve packed them into the car on the school run. If you prefer savoury to sweet then Cornbread Cheddar Muffins will also hit the spot…just make sure you have one before the kids eat them all!

If you fancy a slightly more adult snack then make some Scotch Eggs to have as elevenses at your desk. You could also make a tray of Spiced Nuts and keep them in a bag at the office so you’ve always got a delicious snack to hand!

At Real Food HQ, it hits 4pm and we’re all in need of something sweet. Cinnamon and Raisin Cookies are our current vice. We love them with a milky cup of tea and a natter.

Do you have any snack favourites?

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