Squeeze the last out of summer

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August is almost over and, let’s face it, so is our summer. You never know, we might get a bit of a reprieve in September (Indian summer anyone?!), but for most of us it’s time to pack away the garden furniture and start thinking about making a Christmas cake (no, really… you’ve got to feed it for months before the actual day!) or making batches of chutney. But just before you do, why not squeeze the last drops of summer out over the bank holiday weekend?

If you can’t let August pass you by without throwing one last barbecue make it a traditional summer get together. Guests can feast themselves on Classic Beef Burgers and Sticky Brown Ribs and wash it all down with Mojitos. Get some uplifting music playing, string up some fairy lights and relax late into the evening.

For a slightly less raucous party you could get some close friends rounds for an al fresco lunch. Set a table outdoors and whip up a light Saffron Lamb Salad in the sunshine. Finish off with Strawberry Tarts and a good gossip!

If you’re more likely to be found inside this weekend (sources tell me there is football/rugby/cricket on) then make some summery snacks to eat whilst you’re watching. Mexican food is perfect for relaxed occasions like this. Knock up some Chicken and Spring Onion Quesadillas and some Tacos for munching. If you can’t watch sport without crisps then make a Butterbean Dip to have alongside them. Don’t forget ice-cold beers. Enjoy them in the garden at half time!

That should stave off autumn for a while!

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