Stir up Sunday

Rich Christmas pudding HERO

If you’ve made a homemade Christmas cake this year you probably made it a month or so ago and have been faithfully feeding it with brandy ever since. But what about your Christmas pud? That’s what Stir Up Sunday is for!

Stir Up Sunday dates back to medieval England and if you make the pudding on this day every member of the family must stir the mixture in turn from east to west in remembrance of the Maji and their journey in that direction.

The Christmas pud as we know it didn’t come into existence until the 17th century or later and has evolved over the centuries to become our traditional plum pudding. On 20th November this year get into the kitchen and make a delicious homemade version from scratch. Fay Ripley’s Christmas Pudding is a classic festive pud packed full of tasty fruits and spices. On Christmas day pluck some holly from the garden and use it to decorate the top of your creation!

If you’re catering for guests that don’t eat gluten our Gluten-Free Christmas Pudding is perfect and doesn’t scrimp on flavour. Chock full of sultanas and raisins no one will be able to tell the difference.

On Christmas day you’ll need to flambé your pudding in brandy and bring it to the table alight. If you’re not sure about how to do it then watch Jean-Christophe Novelli’s easy video so on the big day you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Don’t throw away any leftover Xmas pud. Use it up in a delicious dessert like Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Cones for the days after Christmas.

On Stir Up Sunday this year (20th November) we’ll be on hand for any questions or queries you have about how to make the perfect pud. Simply tweet us your comment @tescorealfood and we’ll publish the answer on the website so you can make your Christmas pudding with confidence!

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