Tesco awarded champion supermarket at The British Cheese Awards

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Our Tesco finest* cheese delighted at the British Cheese Awards, which were held at the Bath and West Show earlier this week. We won five awards in total, including the title of ‘Champion supermarket’ for our finest* Cave-Aged Goats Cheese.

Gold Award Winners

red leceister bite (t)finest* Red Leicester Bite

A mellow, creamy cheese made with milk from cows grazed in the lush fields around Belton farm. Add a rich orange hue on a cheese board or swirl it in a sauce and pasta dish. Try grating or dicing it up into cubes in your favourite salads and sarnies?




wookey hole cheese (t)finest* Wookey Hole Cheddar

This delicious cheese is matured for up to 15 months to produce its distinctive flavour. After the maturing stage, the cheese is taken to Wookey Hole itself where it acquires the earthy, nutty taste that makes it such a treat to eat on its own, with crackers or with grapes and figs.




cave aged goats cheese (t)finest* Cave Aged Goats Cheese

Cave Aged Goats Cheese will be different from any goats cheese you've ever tried before. The goats cheese has a lovely smooth flavour and texture, but the added aroma from the caves gives it real depth and character. It's a hard cheese with a mild, but distinctive flavour. Perfect little treat for all the friends and family.




Silver Award Winners

coastal bite (t)finest* Coastal Bite

Coastal Bite is matured on the Dorset coast for 15 years, producing an exquisite cheese with a rich, sweet and long lasting flavour. If you're looking for a understated centrepiece - this is the perfect cheese to entertain your dinner guests.



Bronze Award Winners

white stilton apricot terrine (t)finest* White Stilton and Apricot Terrine

A gorgeous pairing of creamy stilton, sweet apricots and a hint of delicate Valencia orange from Long Clawson Dairy, a traditional British cheese producer located in a tranquil village in the county of Leicestershire. Packaged as a terrine makes this a delight on a cheese board and goes wonderfully well with crackers. 


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