The British seaside

Potted shrimps HERO

The seaside: probably the most quintessentially British place to be in the summer (it’s not all that nice in the winter: rain, wind, you get the picture). But the summer, well now that’s altogether different: Punch and Judy shows, donkey rides, sticks of rock with pretty much anything carved in the middle. Ahh, memories.

That said, the weather might not stretch to such idyllic summer days or you might just be unable to get to the seaside this summer. Never fear, you can have all your seaside favourites without actually being err…by the seaside.

Nothing evokes stronger memories of the seaside than fish and chips wrapped in newspaper and doused with vinegar. Re-create the seaside staple at home with our Fish and Chips with Herb Mayonnaise. If you want you can wrap it in an old paper and eat it outside for that seaside feel.

Being by the sea means seriously fresh fish, so a nostalgic trip down memory lane wouldn’t be complete without it. Potted prawns are a traditional seaside favourite. They’re perfect served with brown bread and a bit of lemon. Our Potted Shrimp have a touch of cayenne pepper for a welcome chili kick. Although not typical seaside fare, as it can be a bit pricey, crab is perfect on a warm summer day. Crab, Celery and Apple Salad is light and fresh and has a slightly salty finish that reminds you of the ocean.

All that delicious seafood is great but sometimes the seaside means sweet! Candy floss on the pier, sticks of rock from local shops or creamy 99’s (always with a flake!) are sweet treats many of us remember from our childhood. Our Pink Ice Cream may not be a Mr Whippy but it’s totally delicious – serve it in a cone for maximum impact.

Finally, a cream tea in a café is a seaside experience we’re all partial too. Whip up some Traditional English Scones and brew a pot of tea and imagine a café by the seaside filled with lovely old ladies gossiping and holidaying families who look a little bit wind blown.

Oh, we all want to be beside the seaside…

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