The dinner party is back


We’re finally facing the fact that the weather is turning and soon parks will be covered in a golden blanket of fallen leaves. Despite a slightly melancholic mood at the change in the weather, autumn is the perfect season for a dinner party. As the nights draw in invite some friends round, light some candles and cook up some comforting food. The dinner party is back!

Your guests will probably arrive in dribs and drabs, everyone has a friend who is always late! Put together a couple of plates of canapés to nibble on whilst you all catch up that won’t go cold by the time Miss Fashionably Late gets there. Smoked Salmon Blinis and Crostini with Gorgonzola and Rocket are two classic canapés that you can make ahead of time.

A dinner party doesn’t have to be hard or involve you spending hours in the kitchen all day, and then not having a starter for your guests when your soufflé hasn’t risen! Make it easy on yourself and serve up a soup to start. Carrot and Chestnut Soup looks stunning and is simple to make. Add a swirl of double cream and a couple of fried sage leaves to each bowl for added wow factor.

On a blustery autumn evening nothing comforts like a casserole. Chicken Casserole with Roast Garlic Mash is an ideal main course as it’s hearty and warming and provides a good bit of stodge after a soup starter. Serve it with a couple of bottles of mellow red wine and soak up the atmosphere.

You could bake a pan of brownies for dessert or just buy some great vanilla ice cream and serve it on its own, but for something special to round off the dinner party Apple Crème Brulees are perfect. Take them to the table and use a small blow-torch to caramelize the tops. Just be careful!!

If you enjoy lingering round the table after a long and relaxed meal then get some good quality coffee in and make some cafetieres to set out on the table. Serve it with Chocolate Orange Truffles to truly be the host/ess with the most/ess.

Have you got any dinner party favourites?

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