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Shrove Tuesday falls on 4 March this year. Originally a Christian tradition, based on the idea of eating well before fasting in Lent, these days it’s more an excuse to be creative with batter-based goodies while peeling the over-enthusiastically flipped crêpes off the ceiling…

Whatever your reason for whisking up a storm with eggs, flour and milk, it’s worth checking out the method for the best pancakes.

First you need to decide whether you’re in the market for the squidgier American-style pancake, the type served in diners with bacon and maple syrup (see our take on this delicious pancake), or the traditional Shrove Tuesday frilly, crêpe-style cake.

If you need guidance, look no further than Real Food online for our How-to videos.

How to make American-style pancakes

How to make pancakes

Whichever you choose, there’s skill  involved in flipping light and golden pancakes onto a waiting plate, and keeping the ones you made earlier delicious while you make the rest of the stack.

It’s worth having two pans on the go, and a sensible ‘flip’ monitor, so that the family can have fun chucking the pancakes about while the head chef can tend to batter and fat temperatures.

Have all the potential fillings and toppings ready for the big feast: lemon, Demerara sugar, sliced bananas, syrup, chopped nuts, chocolate spread…

A pancake feast does not have to be a sugar/fat overload, though. Here are five suggestions for healthier toppings and fillings to balance the batter: 

Five ideas for healthy pancakes

Lemon and sugar: The original and best, these two stalwarts complement the light, buttery crispy style of pancake. If you are trying to limit your refined sugar intake, Stevia is a less guilt-inducing sweetener. 

Apple and cinnamon: A nice sharp eating apple, such as a Cox, together with the natural sweetening and flavouring effect of cinnamon, a perfect pairing made for buttery batter. Try our apple pancake recipe too.

Spinach and goat's cheese: Wilt a little babyleaf spinach with chunks of goats cheese and wrap your pancake round it for a satisfying main meal.

Banana and nut with a sprinkle of cocoa powder:  A team of healthy toppers for your pancake, you may need a drizzle of runny honey for a little extra sweetness. Our banana and coconut pancakes are a slightly more tropical twist on this.

Avocado and tomato salsa: Zest up pancake night by chopping up fresh tomatoes, a little onion, coriander and lime juice, your taste buds will thank you for it. 

Finally, if you choose to go down the fliptastically indulgent route, we have no shortage of sweet and sticky crowd-pleasing ways you can pimp your pancakes. These Marcello Tully sticky banana toffee pancakes should have them drooling round the kitchen table.




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