The retro food revolution

Toffee apples with a twist HERO

Pubs, restaurants and bars across the land are rebelling. No longer is complicated and fussy food taking up space on menus, there’s a retro revolution afoot.

We’ve long been fans of traditional food here at Real Food headquarters and some of these retro classics are no exception. If you’ve ever had a Scotch Egg at the pub you’ll know they’re a bar staple and have recently become very fashionable again. Make a batch for a very cool canapé.

Potted Prawns were the height of sophistication in the 70s, and now they’re back in vogue. Super simple and delicious with some toasted brown bread. That’s what classics are all about!

The 70s have a lot to answer for; they introduced an entire generation to the Chicken Kiev and now these garlicky bread crumbed morsels are enjoying another moment in the spotlight. We’ve even got a gluten-free version, so no one’s left out!

The retro food revival isn’t just limited to savoury delicacies, sweet treats from days of yore are right up there. Jelly and ice cream is a classic children’s party dessert (actually we don’t know many adults who wouldn’t be happy eating it!) Our Frappuccino Jelly is a grown up twist on a very old school pud.

Talking of old school puddings, trifle is always a winner and sherry Trifle is the last word in classics. Perfect after a Sunday Lunch in the autumn.

If as a child you remember Toffee Apples at Halloween or on Bonfire Night, keep the tradition alive and go the classic route or zip them up with a chocolate or sesame makeover.

Vivre le revolution!

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