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If there’s one thing I’m always on the hunt for, it’s a tip that will save me time sorting out my meals for the week. While it’s often tempting to go for the ultimate time saver and order a takeaway for dinner, I’m keen to find a way to speed things up and still enjoy a home cooked meal.

Thankfully, there’s an answer. You can easily order the ingredients for your chosen recipe with our click-to-buy tool, which is featured on every Real Food recipe on the site - just look out for the button below on each recipe.

This handy tool lets you add all the ingredients to your basket - like this Salmon Tray Bake - in a few simple clicks.

And if you’re struggling to choose and organise your meals for the week, why not check out our family meal planner? You can put together a meal plan based on your dietary requirements, the number of people you’re serving, your budget and how long you have to spend cooking the meal.  

If you’re feeling adventurous, try the ‘Surprise Me’ button, which will whip-up a meal plan for you (you can always customize it afterwards if you have a particular dish in mind you would like to include).

Once you’re happy with your selections, simply click the ‘buy ingredients’ button and add them into your shopping basket, ready to check out.  You’ll have all the food you need for the week - and you won’t have to give ‘What to make for dinner?’ a second thought.

What are your time saving tips in the kitchen? Share your thoughts below.

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