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Last year carried out a survey to find out what the nation most liked to cook for themselves. And the winner? Spaghetti Bolognaise– closely followed by Chilli con Carne Lasagne, Curry and a Stir Fry.

These days it’s a familiar and comforting list, but 50 years ago, many of us wouldn’t even have heard of them.

Of course we know now that spaghetti doesn’t grow on trees – but we tend to forget that the nation’s food favourites, aren’t, strictly speaking ‘ours’. And we can also forget that there are even more fantastic recipes out there that we’ve yet to discover.

So why not swap your weekly Chinese stir-fry or Italian spag bol for some new, less familiar, dishes?

Chilli fans will already know Mexican food makes for great family meals. From Tacos to enchiladas and quesadillas, these dishes are great for young, fussy eaters and with a bit of added spice, they also make a tasty meal for mum and dad.

Bring more sunshine into your kitchen with some Caribbean inspiration. Choose from hot and spicy dishes like Jerk Chicken and follow up with something sweet, such as delicious Pineapple with Lime, Chilli and Ginger.

Or why not get in the spirit of the Euros and enjoy some recipes from the hosting countries, like this tasty Red Cabbage and Beetroot Borscht, a traditional dish from the Ukraine.

Trying different foods is a great way to spice up your weekly meal plan and discover new delicious dishes you didn’t even know existed! 

Which new dish have you tried lately? Share it with us below.

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