Valentine's Day

Frosted Valentines brownies HERO

There will be bulk buying of roses, kilos of chocolates purchased and mad panics over which card to buy. What are we talking about? Valentine’s Day of course! This Tuesday is the annual day of love and what better way to show someone how much you care than a slap-up feast!

Light some candles, put on some Barry White and have a glass of champagne before starting with Warm Chorizo and Rocket Salad for a starter with a bit of heat.

Duck always feels like a treat and our Seared Duck Breasts with Orange are a wonderful main course, serve with a light Pinot Noir to bring out the citrus notes in the sauce. Have a break between the main course and pudding, then hand over your cards and presents for a romantic interlude.

Now for pudding, maybe the most important part of any Valentine’s Day meal. If you’re in the mood for chocolate our Frosted Chocolate Brownies are chocolate heaven and the perfect way to end a special meal.

If you’re single, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you! Get some friends over, whip up a one-pot meal like Chilli and settle in to some rom coms and good old girly chats.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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