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There is a famous scene in the musical Oliver Twist when the boys in the workhouse burst into song and belt out ‘Food, glorious food’. They salivate over all the food they’d love to eat including ‘hot sausage and mustard’.

Sausages are almost a part of English heritage. In the winter they come in casseroles or poke tantalisingly out of a toad in the hole. Come summer they sizzle on the barbecue or are made into tasty sausage rolls as part of a picnic.

Seeing as we’re in barbecue season and hope to have a few more al fresco meals before the sun goes in for another eleven months the time is right for hotdogs. Beer Cooked Sausage Hotdogs are ideal barbecue food. The sauce makes them sticky and moreish and they’re perfect served in crusty French bread with your favourite ice-cold beer. If you need a bit more spice in your life Piri Piri Style Sausages are perfect. All the flavours are reminiscent of summer and they’ve got a good hit of spice for those that like their sausages hot!

For something a bit different you could put together a Sausage and Sweet Potato Frittata for lunch. Perfect in the sunshine with a fresh, green salad. Or get your cooking apron on and try making some Scotch Eggs. They’re well worth the effort and are great either as canapes or perfect snacks in front of footie/rugby/Eastenders.

Finally, nothing can really beat that old bastion of Britishness: Sausage and Mash. If there’s a more perfect version of comfort food out there we haven’t found it. The mustard’s optional.

Ps. Fancy creating a sausage flavour and seeing it on the shelves in Tesco? Enter our Finest sausage competition and you could be in with a chance!

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