Weekend Entertaining

Pea and mint bruschetta hero
Weekday suppers are a chance to be inspired by easy recipes that deliver something nutritious and delicious in double quick time. At the weekend, there's more leisure to plan a proper three-course meal, and invite friends and family over to dine with you.

It's worth having a look at starters, mains and puddings. Fresh seasonal home-cooked food brings on the compliments like nothing else, and there's so much lovely produce in season at this time of year. None of these recipes take long to put together, leaving you lots of time for socialising.

For a classic summer supper for friends, try the currently fashionable Pea and Mint Bruschetta, crunchy toasted bread topped with a cool and refreshing spread. With a light starter, you can push the boat with the main, and Mustard and Honey Lamb Chops with Smashed New Potatoes will go down well. For pudding, a Stone Fruit Summer Pudding is impressive, which you can also make with raspberries and red currants. Serve with Greek yoghurt for a change.

If there are vegetarians among friends and family, it's perfectly possible with the right recipes to create a menu that satisfies everyone. Try starting with brightly coloured and delectable Roast Pepper Salad to get everyone's tastebuds tingling. Follow with a Spinach, Mushroom and Squash Lasagne served with some lightly steamed green beans for contrast. For pudding, whip together Apricot and Mascarpone Ripple Ice-Cream - you don't need any special ice-cream equipment to get a brilliant result.

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