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Christmas is just around the corner. Get planning for your Christmas dinner with our delicious recipe suggestions. Now is a time of indulgence, a time to gather loved ones around a lit fire, sipping cocktails and tucking into tasty roast turkey with all the trimmings. I’m so excited and look forward to making party nibbles and festive meals for everyone to enjoy!


Chestnut mushroom pate Large

The spiky protective shell of a chestnut might be off-putting, but inside is a shiny brown nut with a delicious soft flesh. Bought whole, for roasting, or peeled in vacuum-packs – the smoky flavours are wonderful in stuffings, blended in soups or added into gorgeous treats.

Red cabbage

Available all year round, this versatile vegetable is a great, colourful addition to any meal. Enjoy it in winter slaws or side dishes to have with your Christmas dinner. It’s also fantastic in a warming bowl of soup or added into stir-fries if you’re looking for something quick. 


citrus syllabub(h)

Citruses are a quintessential part of Christmas. For easy peelers go for clementines and satsumas that are super-sweet and wonderful eaten on their own as a snack. Oranges and mandarins are delicious in salads or decadent desserts. If you’re looking for tangy marinades, lemon and lime are a perfect pairing with chicken, gammon and fish


101RoastTurkCranberry HE

A festive feast just isn’t complete without a juicy centrepiece, and the bronze turkey range from Tesco fits the bill perfectly. With a slight gamey flavour and lots more meat on the breast, it makes for the perfect turkey to carve at Christmas. Try making a roast with sweet shallots and sherry gravy, aromatic rosemary butter and Marsala gravy or an exotic Indian spice marinade? The best part is using up the leftovers in a tasty schnitzel sarnie or hearty salad.  

What will you be cooking with these delicious ingredients? Send us a tweet or your yummy photos @TescoFood using #SeasonsBest

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