What's in season: February

Leek and bacon risotto with fresh thyme HERO

February's harvest is packed with filling, robust flavours and wholesome fruit and veg that's perfect for keeping those winter chills at bay. It's the perfect month to make the most of hearty, delicious soups, mouthwatering casseroles and comforting puds. Let's take a look at the best seasonal produce to enjoy this month!


Refreshing kiwi fruit, apple, grape and lime HERO

This slightly furry, oval shaped fruit is bursting with sweet and tart flavours. Check if its ripe by giving it a gentle squeeze. Once ready for eating, slice it in half and scoop out the green flesh with a spoon. It makes for a delicious addition to morning smoothie. I especially love it in this colourful, retro dessert served with a generous scoop of ice cream. 


 (h)Veggie wellington and healthy herby mash GBC Tesco

With an alluring, dark green colour and crinkly leaves – this hardy vegetable is an excellent source of vitamins K, A and C. This superfood is a great mineral source, especially for vegans and surprisingly fills you up quickly. Add it into a stir-fry or have it as a gorgeous vegetarian main encased in flaky pastry. 


Leek and bacon risotto with fresh thyme HERO

Lovely leeks are all the rage this month. Closely related to garlic and onions, they have a distinct but delicate flavour with a hint of sweetness – perfect for soups, risottos and tarts


TESCO Great British Chef orange posset with poached rhubarb

Most people might think of warming crumbles and sweet jams when they think of rhubarb. If you’re looking for new and indulgent puds, especially with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, try a posset or a cheesecake. The pink colour from the thick stalks gives a meat dish a pop of colour. I particularly love it cut into 2 inch pieces and roasted or pureed into a sauce served alongside pork fillets


66LambTagineLemon HE

Lamb is so versatile and its distinct flavours are tasty in traditional British casseroles or North African-inspired tagines. It’s nice to prepare the ingredients and stick it in the oven, to find juicy meat that falls off the bone to enjoy with potato, fluffy rice or nutty couscous. One-pot dishes are also great for preparing meals for the next week and using up leftovers too! 

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