What’s in season: July

Cherry Clafoutis (h)

After all the sunshine we’ve had in June, we can hardly wait to see what July will bring. The forecast is exciting with colourful rays of flavour and juicy spells of sweetness on the horizon. 

Crisp, tender sticks of celery and fresh sweetcorn will make for delicious outdoor eating, while glossy cherries and plump raspberries will add the sweetness of summer sunshine to a variety of recipes.  

There’s every opportunity to create unusual and delicious meals this July, adding a sense of adventure to your cooking – without losing any of that precious summer relaxing time.


cherry salad H

There’s nothing quite like the firm bite and sweet juiciness of a cherry. The darker the cherry, the sweeter it will be. Try tossing a handful (pitted and halved) into a salad of watercress, fennel and crumbled goat’s cheese.

A cherry clafoutis makes the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea while a classic  is just the thing for a special occasion. 


Cajun spiced pork with corn salad HERO 

Cook whole sweetcorn on the barbecue and enjoy simply as is – or try grilling and serving with chilli, lime and coriander butter. Or mix fresh sweetcorn kernels with diced red chilli, cherry tomatoes, avocado and lime juice to make a spicy relish.

A side salad of sweetcorn kernels, diced red onion, chopped coriander leaves, cherry tomatoes and chilli powder goes very well with pork loin steaks.


171593 avocado and celery soup HERO 

Crisp, crunchy celery can be eaten raw or cooked, while fresh green celery leaves can add a distinctive flavour to soups, stews and salads.

Mix chopped celery with a handful of fresh green herbs and pomegranate seeds for a light, colourful salad. Add chopped celery to a zesty potato salad or combine with whole green olives and courgette sticks in a pasta salad.  They’re also delicious blended with avocado and made into a chilled vegetable soup.


raspberry mess (h) 

Velvety raspberries add an element of luxury to desserts. They’re particular good paired with white chocolate, whether in a creamy parfait or a summery ice cream. Mix them with rosewater to create a sweet jam or use them to decorate a special lemon cheesecake


Summer garden salad with Beetroot trout fillets (h) 

Beetroot tastes sweetest during July and makes an excellent addition to a variety of dishes. Simmer, peel, thinly slice and mix with hazelnuts and wild rocket in a beetroot carpaccio or grate into chilli chutney and serve with bread and cheese for a modern twist on a ploughman’s lunch. You can also add it to a summer salad, a steak sandwich or even a chocolate cake.


BBQ lamb kebab with sage  

Lamb is mouthwateringly tender at this time of year, and works especially well on the barbecue. Try grilling lamb chops with coriander seeds, diced vegetables, red chilli and lime wedges for a real taste kick. Alternatively, grill lamb steaks and tuck them into pitta bread with salad for a simple, satisfying lunch.

Skewer cubed lamb with cherry tomatoes and fresh sage and cook under a hot grill or, for something more substantial, griddle then slice lamb steaks before serving with fried red onion and mint sauce in crusty ciabatta rolls.

What will you be cooking and eating in June? We'd love to hear your comments below, or you can tweet us @TescoFood

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