What's in season: November

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With the turning of the clocks comes a delicious harvest of rich-hued fruits and juicy textures, including lots of surprise festive ingredients that you can enjoy well before the crackers are pulled!

Brussel sprouts

Sprout gratin with mustardHERO

These little green veggies will forever divide opinion for their strong, nutty flavour. They are best enjoyed with a crisp texture, so avoid over cooking them! Pair them with meats and spices, or try sautéing them for a smokey flavour. Sprouts aren’t just for Christmas lunch either – eat them for supper in a warming gratin  or serve as a side dish with lemon and chilli breadcrumbs.


173131 lamb chops with parsnip puree and mushrooms HERO

Heavenly when split and roasted into crisp, crunchy batons, the humble parsnip is also a great winter staple for soups, bakes and mash. The sweet flavour is a level up from everyday potato and gives dishes a special layer of warmth. A purée served with lamb chops is the sort of supper winter weekends were made for, while a portion of shoestring parsnip fries will go down well with fussy eaters.


Yoghurt cake with pomegranate HERO

This wonderful fruit is a real joy to prepare and eat. Split the pomegranate in half to reveal the seeds, which may vary from a dusky pink to a ruby red in colour. Pop them out, discarding any of the bitter flesh that keeps the seeds in place. Typically used in Middle Eastern foods, pomegranate is delicious in tagines or teamed with lamb, herbs and spices. The seeds are lovely sprinkled on porridge too or baked in a cake


snow blondies Byatt(h)

The seasonal cranberry is the perfect fruit to liven up wintery dishes, with a pop of colour and an awakening taste. Its tart flavours balance rich meat and game beautifully, making them ideal for a juicy homemade burger. They are also a delicious addition to cakes, and set the scene rather handsomely for some festive-feeling blonde brownies.

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