What's in season: October

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The chillier nights may be drawing in but when it comes to eating flavoursome, comforting food I think autumn wins hands down over summer! It’s the perfect time to light the fire, round up your friends and family and cook something hearty and delicious for everyone to enjoy.

This month’s harvest is filled with rich and cosy ingredients that are easy to cook yet impressive. I’m particularly excited about cooking for Halloween and Bonfire Night and using these lovely flavours for some grown-up savoury treats.


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Belonging to the squash family, pumpkins have a firm, sweet flesh that works well with robust flavours. They’re lots of fun to carve for Halloween so get your practice in now and turn the flesh into a yummy pumpkin tart or a creamy pumpkin and honey soup. Smaller pumpkins are better for eating as they tend to have denser, meaty flesh and you can also eat the seeds – just sprinkle them with paprika, season and roast in the oven for 5-10 minutes.

Désirée potatoes

Dauphinoise potatoes HERO

A great all-rounder with an earthy red skin, Désirée potatoes have a firm, creamy texture and low water content making them ideal for finely sliced Dauphinoise potatoes. Désirée are also great for roasting, mashing and making chips. I’ll be trying these crisp roast potatoes with Parmesan for our next Sunday roast to switch things up, and batch cooking this hearty fish pie to keep in the freezer for weekday suppers.

Girolle mushrooms

Mushrooms on toast V2

This variety of wild mushrooms has a firm texture and mild peppery taste that makes them ideal in hearty dishes. Also called golden chanterelles, girolles are distinguished by their deep yellow colour, slightly frilly caps and long stalks. When buying them, look for mushrooms with a fragrant scent and firm, smooth, dry tops. They’ll be absolutely delicious in this mixed mushroom risotto or as a tasty additional topping to this artichoke and pesto pizza.


2726 IndianLegofLamb 2 (h)

Although we usually associate seasonal lamb with spring, in autumn lamb is equally delicious. While spring lamb has a tender, mild flavour the autumn variety has a much stronger taste that can take more adventurous, spicy flavours. At this time of year Tesco only sell 100% British lamb which is glorious in an aromatic spiced tagine or a spectacular Indian leg of lamb.

What will you be cooking and eating this month? Send us a tweet or your yummy photos @TescoFood using #SeasonsBest


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