Yorkshire pudding day

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What would Sunday lunch be without them? Some might argue that our national dish is curry but a good old roast with Yorkshire puddings is about as British as it gets. This Sunday (5th Feb) is Yorkshire Pudding Day and what better reason to put on a roast for the family.

For a simple Yorkshire pudding batter use our failsafe method for puds that are crunchy on the outside but have brilliantly fluffy centres. Traditionally they’re served with a Sunday roast, usually beef, but they’re versatile enough to serve them alongside a whole host of favourites.

If you don’t fancy a full on roast then Yorkshire Puddings with Chipolatas are a perfect week night meal alongside some steamed veggies and a big jug of gravy.

And if the idea of eating a Yorkshire pud doesn’t appeal then you could always sail in one! You heard correctly, every year since 2000 the Great Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race has been a fun event on the food calendar. In the original race six three-foot in diameter Yorkshire puddings were baked and coated with yacht varnish.

From Sunday roast staple to sea faring vessel… here’s to the Yorkshire pudding!

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