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11 wonderful ways to cook sausages this winter

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, sausages make a hearty meal at any time of day and are the perfect comfort food for when the weather turns a bit colder. Take your bangers to the next level and be inspired by these suitably satisfying sausage recipes.

  1. Pastry delights

    Bake a batch of sausage rolls and enjoy the flakiness of every bite when they’re still warm and toasty. Opt for a classic recipe or impress your guests with these fruity cranberry and leek sausage rolls, topped with crunchy nigella seeds. 

  2. Mighty mash

    Bangers and mash are a match made in heaven, and you can keep things as basic or extravagant as you like. Start with your favourite sausages simply roasted or grilled and pair with our best-ever mashed potato recipe. For a vegetable twist, try this celeriac and potato mash on the side, or change things up completely with a sweet-and-savoury miso sweet potato mash instead.

    Mighty mash
  3. Finger food

    If you’re whipping up a batch of nibbles for a party, you can’t go wrong with a plate of mini sausages, especially if upgraded quickly in the kitchen to chorizo-wrapped chipolatas. Fo something a little more refined, but no leass hearty, try serving up mini toad-in-the-holes for a bite-sized version of the classic. 

    Finger food
  4. 'Hot' hot dogs

    Covered in ketchup, mustard or mayo and sticky-sweet onions, hot dogs are a sure crowd-pleaser that shouldn't just be limited to summer barbecues. Add some spice for a warming winter supper with these Indian-style hot dogs that have a fruity mango chutney glaze, tangy lime pickle and as much fresh chilli on top as you like. 

  5. Toad-in-the-hole

    Toad-in-the-hole is a nostalgic classic that never fails to impress with perfectly puffed batter and hearty sausages. Try our classic recipe served with rich caramelised onion gravy, or add plenty of veg to the Yorkshire batter for a lighter toad-in-the-hole as an easy way to feed the family.

  6. Brilliantly baked

    Get a sausage traybake sizzling in the oven for a quick and easy dinner after a cold, wet and windy winter's day. This red potato and sausage bake is a great all-in-one option for traditionalists or you can try a vegetarian version with this veggie sausage and butternut squash traybake.

    Brilliantly baked
  7. Sizzling sarnie

    Tucking into a bumper sausage sarnie is fantastically satisfying any time of day; thick bread, juicy sausages and a tangy sauce is all that's needed but you can also give it a seasonal spin if feeling creative. Try this super-sticky cider-glazed sausage ciabatta topped with caramelised shallots for a comforting weekend treat. 

    Sizzling sarnie
  8. Perfect pasta

    A big bowl of pasta is often what we crave during the colder weather, so why not throw some sausages into the sauce for a budget-friendly, filling dinner. Breaking up the sausage meat into a spicy pasta ragu is a great shortcut when trying to get a meal on the table, or you ring the changes with leaner chicken sausages meatballs in this green pesto pasta bake.

    Perfect pasta
  9. Comforting casseroles

    For a firm family favourite, you really can't beat a comforting sausage stew. This simple sausage casserole recipe is the perfect place to start, or try this sausage and bean stewready in just over 30 minutes, for busy weeknights. If you're still struggling for ideas, follow our step-by-step casserole recipe which has added flavour from smoky paprika and chorizo.

    Comforting casseroles
  10. Seasonal salads

    Although winter is a time for cosy comfort foods, it doesn't mean shunning salads altogether. Make them with roasted seasonal veg and toss in some sliced sausages for a salad dish that's just as hearty as any other dinner, we love this vibrant butternut squash and chorizo salad, or try sticky sausages, carrots and couscous for a salad that feels like much more.

    Seasonal salads
  11. Marvellous meatballs

    Leftover sausages? Then why not put them to good use by making delicious meatballs for pairing with pasta, polenta, rice, couscous and more. All you need to do is pop the sausages out of their skins and roll into balls as in this deliciously zingy green sausage pasta recipe.