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3 dishes inspired by the Cornish coast

Enjoy a taste of the Cornish coast at home with these three classic and satisfying dishes. Each recipe takes inspiration from cuisine and ingredients local to Cornwall, and each matches perfectly with a pint of Doom Bar amber ale. What will you cook first? Have your say in our poll below.

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  1. Crab arancini

    Rustle up these crispy crab arancini balls for a light snack or as an informal canapé. The risotto is flecked with sweet crab meat and peppery watercress and is encased in golden breadcrumbs. Serve alongside a sweet chilli mayo for dipping and a glass of Doom Bar. The ale’s balance between malty sweetness and hop bitterness makes a great flavour match with this seafood appetiser.

    Crab arancini
  2. Ale-battered fish and chunky chips

    Skip the queues at your local chippy and have a go at making your own fish and chips. White fish is coated in batter made with Doom Bar amber ale and fried until golden and crispy, served alongside chunky chips, homemade tartare sauce and some samphire for a bit of freshness. A good squeeze of lemon or dash of vinegar makes this the ultimate Friday night treat! Enjoy with a pint of Doom Bar, the malty flavour pairs perfectly with the crispy fish batter.

    Ale-battered fish and chunky chips
  3. Cornish pasty-inspired pie

    Everyone’s favourite hand-held pie gets reimagined into this family-sized version. Tuck in! The beef is cooked with Doom Bar amber ale and rich beef stock until nice and tender, then layered with slices of potato and swede, and lots of black pepper. The sweetness from the filling pairs brilliantly with the dryness of a pint of Doom Bar ale.

    Cornish pasty-inspired pie
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