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3 sharing dishes for weekend beers with friends

Invite friends and family round and raise a toast with a tankard of golden Staropramen and plates of great food. These recipes are perfect for easy entertaining and are ideal for sharing and tucking in together. What will you make first? Have your say in our poll below.

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  1. Fancy hot dogs

    These hot dogs are taken to the next level with beer-infused onions, slices of Emmental cheese, pickled red cabbage and yellow mustard. The richness of the sausage pairs perfectly with the carbonation and well balanced bitterness of Staropramen and it’s a great dish for easy entertaining – guests can crack open a beer and build their own hot dog!

    Fancy hot dogs
  2. Cheese and beer fondue with dipping platter

    Eating fondue is a great way to gather people around a table, everyone dipping in their favourite foods. The creamy, richness of fondue is an excellent partner with beer. We’ve added a splash of Staropramen to the melted cheese, which helps bring a subtle sweetness to the dish.

    Cheese and beer fondue with dipping platter
  3. Czech-inspired chicken schnitzels with warm potato salad

    These crispy chicken schnitzels pair perfectly with a Staropramen beer, as the bitter and malty qualities of the beer work perfectly with fried foods. They’re served alongside a warm potato salad in a zingy dressing that’s loaded with honey and mustard and a little vinegar to balance, all of which work really well washed down with a beer. Guests will love this one!

    Czech-inspired chicken schnitzels with warm potato salad
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